06/11 – 09/11 : RISE goes to Gansu to build BSFs with Wennuan Shuibei

清源协会赴甘肃开展“温暖水杯”活动 - 2014年11月6日-9日

Lanzhou University(Rise team members at Lanzhou University, 图1 出发前在兰大本部的合影) With the support of the China Environmental Protection Foundation, we sent three RISE members and a number of local volunteers to two separate primary schools. We successfully built BSFs in Wankou Primary School near Huining and Gongjing Primary School near Yuzhong. 清源协会派去的3名成员分别前往2所学校指导当地志愿者搭建BSF。在中华环境保护基金会的大力支持下,由“温暖水杯”项目准备搭建BSF所需的塑料桶和水管、当地小学准备石头和沙子,我们在会宁县四房乡湾口小学、榆中县兴隆山北山贡井小学各为孩子们成功搭建了一个生物慢滤池(BSF)。

Gansu Pic 4The biosand filter is a simple, cheap and effective small-scale adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter that contains layers of sand and gravel. Our local partner Wennuan Shuibei was tasked with organising the plastic buckets and pipes required to build the BSFs. The local schools were responsible for organising the stones and gravel.Gansu Pic 2

(Lanzhou University Students return to Wankou to check on BSF 图2 在榆中县兴隆山北山贡井小学建造BSF)
[Read full English and Chinese report]

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