28/03/15 – 29/03/15 : Shanxi Week-end

On the 28-29 March, a couple of our RISE members went again to 山西 (ShanXi) to continue with the water filter development project near Pingyao. A group of students from 太原理工大学(TaiYuan University of Technology, TLD) provided their help and support throughout the weekend.


The aim of this visit was to build two different versions of the SONO Filter, which has been proved to be highly effective at removing arsenic. We built a conventional SONO Filter with iron filings and a modified with iron nails replacing the filings.


Upon arrival on Saturday, our first aim was to get the remaining materials for the filter construction: the plastic buckets, pipes, taps and stands. Once all the materials had been bought, we headed to the village. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was spent preparing for filter construction. Part of the team spent this time taking and testing water samples from the arsenic biosand filters constructed two weeks ago.


Eventually, the two filters were assembled. We now have six filters in six different households. All households use the same water source (the village well). Our partners from TLD will make regular visits to the village to take water samples that will be tested at 清华大学  (Tsinghua University). Our aim is to determine which of the six filters is most effective at removing arsenic from the well water. Another great weekend with a successful outcome! Thanks to all the team for their effort and work!

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