Beijing Ribet Primary School Workshop

DSC07576 The students got the opportunity to visit the beautiful Sino-Italian Ecological and Energy Efficient Building at Tsinghua University where the School of Environment is based. After an interactive presentation, the students brought the concept of water filtration to life with a ‘who can build the best mini-biosand filter’ competition. DSC07585There was a lot of excitement when the students had finished their water filters and could finally see water come out cleaner at the other end. RISE looks forward to the chance to teach more primary school students about water quality and safety at the School Environment.

DSC07611 (1)
2014年12月,我们邀请了北京市私立树人-瑞贝学校(Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School)的小朋友们来到清华大学环境学院,进行了以饮用水安全为主题的交流和实践。我们参观了中意环境节能楼,并分组进行了微型生物慢滤池的制作。看到浑浊的水经过过滤之后变得清澈,小朋友们都激动不已。我们非常期待与更多的小学合作开展交流活动,传播饮用水安全知识。


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