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RISE is a student-run organization empowering students to rise up and apply their knowledge into solving environmental problem in Rural China. Through the collaboration between local and International Students, we create the Exchange of Knowledge, idea, and culture to achieve sustainable development.



2011 :
– Establishment of RISE by Jason Lee and Alejandra

2012 :
– Disseminated 100 Biosand Filter to Ningxia area.
– Provided BSF construction training to students in elementary school, high school, and university.

2013 :
– Found heavy metal pollution in drinking water in Shanxi and built pilot BSFs.
– Started collaboration with Taiyuan University of Technology(太原理工大学).

2014 :
– 3 New projects (Aquaponics, Bamboo Bike, Solid Waste Management) started.
– Disseminate 200 BSFs in Shanxi, and 30 BSFs to elementary schools in Gansu.


Leaders 2014/2015

Lucia Xu
4th year Undergraduate School of Journalism and Communication






Doris Chan
3rd year Undergraduate School of Economics and Management



Meet the members for year 2014/2015.

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