Solid Waste Management team

Jana DAVIDOVA, Czech Republic
Jana DAVIDOVA, Czech Republic
RISE Project Leader

MSc International Relations/Chinese Language
Division : Energy & Environment

“There is enough energy and resources on our planet. All we need to do is use them responsibly and not to waste them. And it is easier than you would think!”


Brenda Natalia Lopez N., Colombia

PhD Candidate, School of Environment
Division: Hazardous Waste Management


“My interest is to RE-think how to manage solid waste, before it RE-enters to our big sink called Earth.”


Gabi Zlamparet, Romania

PhD Candidate, School of Environment
Division: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling


(Demon), China

Undergraduate, Electronic Engineering



My wish is to find solutions for the solid waste problems in vast villages in China.”


Syed Waqi Ur Rehman

Ph.D Scholar, School of Environment
Division: Electrochemical treatment of waste water


My objective in professional life is to search for viable technological solutions for sustainable energy and environment. I focus more on the projects for the betterment of environment we are living in.”


Jibran AHMAD

PhD Candidate, School of Environment
Division: Water


I prefer to be in an intelligent hell then to be in a stupid paradise.”



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