Biosand Filter

China has serious water problems. About 300 million people don’t have access to safe water. In rural areas, people are still drinking polluted water, because any high-tech water treatment system is too expensive for them to be installed. RISE decided to introduce Biosand Filter (BSF), which only costs $15 and can effectively remove heavy metals, turbidity, and other contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa. In 2012, we chose Ningxia province as our first BSF dissemination point, where water has high levels of turbidity and organic pollutants and disseminated 1300 BSFs. In 2013, we expanded our project to Shanxi province, where water is heavily polluted with arsenic and iron. Through the collaboration with EV 益微青年公益发展中心,  we have started this year our most recent BSF project in Gansu province in order to provide safe water to schools in rural areas.


Gansu Project

RISE and a NPO “Yiwei Qingnian” are working to improve awareness of school children toward water pollution and provide safer water to them in Gansu province form June 2014. We built one BSF in a local elementary school. Larger scale project is planed for fall of 2014.
06/11/14 – 09/11/14 : RISE goes to Gansu to build BSFs with Wennuan Shuibei
Gansu Project Report



Video Instruction on How to Maintain BSF (Chinese)


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