Report on Shanxi Trip in July 2015

1267245799We arrived in Pingyao, Shanxi, on the morning of July 25 and then met up with three students from Taiyuan University of Technology. After lunch, we took the bus to the Liangjiabao village and immediately started testing the water. We took samples and did arsenic and turbidity tests for all filters, plus iron, alkalinity and nitrate photometer tests for a selection of the filters. Thanks again to Palintest for all the equipment!


1729785941766922182While we were testing the water, we found some families had increased the flow rate on two new filters fitted with taps. Since this is likely to affect arsenic removal, we adjusted the flow rate and advised them why it was important not to change this.


Kate discussed the August trip with Liang Honggang’s father. The main focus was sourcing the materials, deciding a price for each filter and arranging accommodation for Tsinghua, Taiyuan and Michigan University students participating in the trip.


2109619724It was already 4pm on the 26th when we finished all the work in the village. On our return to Pingyao, we visited hardware stores to arrange materials for the August trip and training. It is a very rewarding trip.



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